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    In the maxim "to be born, to die, to be reborn and continuously progress, that is the Law", we find the most legitimate universal thought on the process of human evolution.

    Historically, although the Clergy fights against the doctrine of the multiple existences, mainly since the Second Council of Constantinople, held in 525, summoned by Emperor Justinian, who prohibited the study of the theme; with the institutionalization of the Papacy in 607, by emperor Focas; with the creation of the "Papal Inquisition" in 1231,in order to combat, exclusively, the Cathars or Albigensians, who accepted the idea of reincarnation and lived in the South of France; the Dominicans were summoned, by then Pope Gregory IX, to annihilate them and, together with them, the palingenesis doctrine, despite everything, the reincarnation is the most legitimate mechanism for the application of the Divine Justice Codes among men.

    The individual differences are only explained through the plurality of existences, which, since always, have challenged the most critical and meticulous minds of the men of sciences.

    Knowing and understanding the reincarnation mechanisms, the intricate investigations, which insist in remaining obscure, become clear and explainable, facing the hasty arguments of those who save themselves the trouble of observing the facts that prove it, even because, against the evidences, there is no argument. As an example, we see children and youngsters with a moral and intellectual patrimony that would be impossible of having been acquired in a period of time of only one physical existence.

    "Why does the incarnated spirit lose the memory of his/her past?" Asks Kardec to the Spirits, who explain to him that: "Man cannot and shall not know everything; God wants it so in his wisdom. Without the veil which covers some things, s/he would become fascinated, as the one who passes, without transition, from obscurity to light. Through forgetting the past, s/he is more himself/herself". (1)

    Either in the confirmation that John the Baptist was Elijah, or in the unforgettable lesson for doctor Nicodemus, the Divine Master confirmed that just being born again we shall understand God things. It is the Evolution Law!

    In the psychosomatic structure, the memory records everything and, through the mechanism of cryptomnesia, (2) the achievements of the very memory are stored, maintaining, momentarily deleted the memories of other reincarnatory experiences, which does not mean that it is not possible to access those assets spontaneously or through stimulation.

    It is not in vain the great scientific contribution of several professionals of medicine and psychology areas, who publish books reporting experiences of past lives, which transcend the monolithic and conservative academic ritual, without confronting the Ethical Codes of the Regional Councils.

    Thanks to hypnosis, several cryptomnesia contributions were listed. With the memory regression experiences, finally, it was possible to scientifically prove reincarnation.

    French physicist Patrick Drouot researches these subjects with the authority of a person who was graduated in the University of Nancy and had his doctorate in theoretical physics in the appraised Columbia University, in New York, and, when presiding the Institute of Physics and Conscious Researches, in Paris, has already listed more than five thousand cases of regression.

    Psychology professor of Iceland University Erlandur Haraldsson, and several American psychiatric researchers, revealed, scientifically, that reincarnation is a consummated fact, thanks to psychic storage diving processes of previous lives, where everything is recorded.

    Hellen Wambach, who already had 4500 people regress in memory, researched a 43-year-old woman, who was born blind, and described environments of the old Rome, when she was a soldier's wife. She was capable of talking, with full precision, about the chairs, the table, the bed, the facial expressions of those who lived with her, the lights and colors. As a matter of fact, all these details were, historically, duly proved, according Dr. James Pareyko, Philosophy professor of Chicago State University. Professor Pareyko affirms that that type of perception, in a person who was born blind, is inexplicable under the medical perspective.

    Without deviating ourselves to make a comment about the Jungian Thesis of the "magical" collective unconscious, through where a person could tune in any wave length of these mechanism and receive every type of impression, past or present, just to illustrate this theoretical groundlessness, let's consider an explanation which, at least, seems like a fable: - when an European child started speaking archaic Chinese and remembered a past life, it was considered, as explanation, the fact that his/her mother, during gestation, had lived near a Chinese laundry and "probably", s/he had catch, by his/her collective unconscious, all that knowledge of the Asian language. Believe it or not!

    "In short, today Spiritualism is a proven fact; it has already conquered its place in public opinion and among philosophical doctrines; it is, then, necessary that those, to whom it is not convenient, resign themselves to seeing it next to them, and they have the freedom of refusing it ". (3)

    Jorge Hessen




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