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    Nations frequently fight to have or maintain control of raw materials, energy supply, lands, water basins, sea passages and other basic environmental resources. "Those conflicts tend to increase as the resources become scarcer and the competition for them increases". (1) The unbridled economic model, predominantly consumerist, is one of the barriers that prevent the environmental conscience.

    Currently, it is not even necessary to have the gift of divination to make a projection about the scetting of the future of our planet. We know that we are in the imminence of ecologic disasters, with unexpected consequences, in view of the route of collision between man and nature.

    Why are we so ungrateful with the Nature, which incessantly works for us offering unlimited resources, forgetting that it also, like us, loves, suffers and becomes revolted? Hence, in this regard: Recently we have seen twisters in the south of Brazil, with a procession of tragedies. In the USA, hurricanes are shaking the structures of the American society, as, for example, Katrina. In Europe and in other parts of Earth, we see increasingly incandescent summer, causing fires in several forests of the Orb, without any precedent in history.

    It is imperative to respect Nature, and, about that, Emmanuel clarifies: "Nature is always the divine book, where the hand of God wrote the history of its wisdom, book of life that constitutes the school of men's spiritual progress, constantly evolving, with the effort and dedication of its disciples ". (2) We already notice that our Planet, the Earth, is in an accelerated process of warming and needs urgent measures! The report of the UN (the United Nations) commission that studies the climate changes is gloomy: "Until the end of the century, three of each ten species of living beings will disappear from the Planet and human life will be deeply affected". (3)

    According to NASA´s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, 2005 was the year that registered the highest level of temperature on terrestrial surface, since the beginning of the modern climate registrations, in 1890, "probably the hottest of the last thousands of years."(4) The main atmosphere pollution agents, responsible for its accelerated warming, are the industries and the vehicles moved by combustion engine (liquid and gaseous fuels), but there are other toxic agents that also cause a great environmental trouble, like chimneys without the due protection (filters), purposed or accidental firing of a forest or field, and, the incinerations (garbage, industrial or hospital residues, etc.).

    Paper and cement factories, chemical and metallurgical industries and refineries emit sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, sulfur, metallic particles (lead, nickel and zinc) and other substances used to make insecticides. "The exhausts of the automotive vehicles emit gases such as carbon monoxide (CO) and dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxide (NO), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and hydrocarbons. All those polluters are the result of human activities and are released into the atmosphere." (5)

    Another important factor is the disoriented deforestation, which effectively contributes to the atmospheric warming, because the burning of the forests produces great quantities of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide, on its turn, has the propriety of absorbing heat, causing the "greenhouse effect". The proportional increase of those gases released into the atmosphere causes an accelerated warming of the terrestrial surface, known as "global warming". The greenhouse effect (6) has gained notoriety in the last 50 years, period that coincides with the popularization of the use of the fossil fuels in vehicles with combustion engines.

    In 1985, scientists identified a hole in the ozone layer, over Antarctica, which has frighteningly continued expanding itself. The ozone reduction (7) contributes to the "greenhouse effect". The consequences of this syndrome are catastrophic, such as the warming and the changing in the climate, leading to the occurrence of hurricanes, severe storms, and even earthquakes; the effect of the "El Niño and La Niña" is also terrifying, because it accelerates the thaw of the polar icecaps, consequently raising the level of the sea and flooding coastal regions. An evidence of that are the records of the diminution of the Himalaya, Andes and Kilimanjaro glaciers, and the only Bolivian ski resort, Chacaltaya, ended up its activities because there is no snow in that region anymore.

    The ozone layer is much more exposed to the Sun. Effectively, gases and vapors released into the atmosphere absorb the infrared radiation emitted from the surface of the Earth, and, on its turn, return the absorbed energy to the surface. Result: The surface retains almost the double of the energy that it should receive from the Sun, becoming around 30 degrees Celsius warmer than if it did not suffer from the action of the gases which provoke this increase. The scientists calculate that, in the south hemisphere of the planet, thousands of people will not resist the heat. If the increase of the temperature is of 3°C, the number of dead people per year shall be 87 thousand until 2071. If the increase of heat is of 2.2°C, the number of dead people shall be reduced to 36 thousand per year. Therefore, in the face of those alarming forecasts, what are we going to do? I believe that no longer walk against Nature.

    The analysis of several environmentalists reveals that the increase of the temperature in up to 8°C, in the mild regions, and 5°C in the tropics will provoke disastrous impacts in the ecologic balance before 2100, with the extensive extinction of animal and plant species, and the extinction of vast areas of wild forests, such as the Amazon Rainforest, known as the "Lungs of The World", ending up with great part of the life on Earth, with thousands, or maybe millions of dead people.

    We know that the climate and the environment exercise great influence in the incarnated spirit. The climatic reality is constituted of several elements, namely: temperature, rain, humidity, winds, air masses and atmospheric pressure, and it is influenced by several other factors, such as, for example: the region or country astronomic and geographical, the configuration of the territory, the altitudes and the master lines of the relief, meteorological phenomenon, etc. In view of that, Emmanuel admonishes: "The environment where the soul is reborn constitutes, many times, the expiatory evidence; with powerful influences on the personality, it is indispensable that the enlightened heart cooperates in its transformation for the good, improving and elevating the material and moral conditions of everybody who lives in his/her influence zone.

    When society noticed the catastrophic effects, the unbalances and environmental disasters, the norms which regulate the relationship between man and the environment started appearing, to deviate the route of a probable shock between Nature and man. The milestone of the consolidation of the environmental conscience was, without any doubt, the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, having met in Stockholm, in June, 1972. Twenty years later (1992), the Rio-92 was another important milestone to the Environmental Rights and the environmental protection policies in several countries, mainly in Brazil.

    The negotiations progresses about the implementation of the Framework Convention on Climate Change resulting in the adoption, in 1997, of a Protocol, during the Third Conference of the Parties (COP), in Kyoto, Japan. This document, which was known as the Kyoto Protocol, (UNITED NATIONS FRAMEWORK CONVENTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE, 1997), establishes goals and deadlines referring to the reduction or limitation of the carbon dioxide and other gases, responsible for the greenhouse effect, future emissions, etc. (9)

    It is not without any reason that we have to indeed consider the real dangers which surrounded us. The hole in the ozone layer; the disordered deforestation of our forests; the pollution of our clear waters, the polluter industries, the increase in the production of combustion vehicles, etc. If we meditate about the moment in which we live, under the perspective of the spiritualist revelation, we will have sufficient reasons to believe that the immobilism and despair, which are consequences of the pessimism and indifference which currently prevail among men need to be replaced by an efficient action of each one of us. And why do we not do more and try changing this sad situation? Why do we not mobilize ourselves adopting urgent prevention measures, avoiding, this way, a greater harm, in other words, an ecologic chaos to ourselves and, mainly, to the future generations, instead of staying just as spectators?

    We can stimulate, in the use of our full citizenship, the creation of a rigorous anti-pollution legislation; adopt the daily car rotation (a person who drives 20 kilometers per day in a "popular" car (1.0 c.c), moved by gas, emits 1.87 tons of CO2 per year. To neutralize these emissions, they need to plant nine trees at each year); we have to collaborate in the control and inspection over deforestations and fires in woods and forests; planning our residences in suburbs, in cities, always trying to reach the harmony between the nature and the urbanization; we can stimulate people to plant trees; avoid the water and electric energy waste; cover small distances by bicycle, instead of using a car; separate the garbage, if in our city there is no selective collect of garbage and, much more…

    We must be attentive, open our eyes to the specialists alerts, because it is already clear that it is just a matter of time, to the disastrous consequences of the forecasts begin to affect, brutally, our lives and, mainly, our children and grandchildren lives. And we cannot skip our responsibilities with occasional excuses, assuring that everything is set by God!!!! Let´s not forget that God manifests himself to the man through the very man.

    Therefore, not everything is set, because, it is, only, of the man's action. The Earth is similar to a living organism, with mechanisms to self-regulate its functions. (10) Let´s remember that if the global warming is a world matter, the consequences over the Earth will be of individual responsibility.

    It is obvious that we have to keep the faith in better days, even because, "the Spiritualism, in its mission of Comforter, is the backing of the world in this century of descending in its History; only it can, in its form of reborn Christianity, save the religions that turn off themselves between the shocks of power and ambition, egoism and domain, indicating to the man his true paths. In its spring of clarification, we may drink the crystal clear lymph of the comforter truth of the Sky, preparing the souls for the new age.

    Spiritualists, let´s get to work!!! Let´s do our part. Let´s not transfer to other people, or to our governors, what it is, also, of our responsibility.

    Jorge Hessen




    1 - That extract is found on page 325 of the BRUNDTLAND report, of 1988, of the World Commission on Environment and Development, in the book "Our Common Future"

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    6 - Phenomenon observed for the first time in 1827, by the scientific community

    7 - Ozone is a gas which filters the ultraviolet rays of the Sun. If these rays reached the terrestrial surface with more intensity they would provoke skin burning, that could even cause cancer and destroy the leaves of the trees. The ozone layer protects the Earth of the ultraviolet rays of the Sun, which are extremely harmful to the life. It is situated between 15 and 50 km of altitude.

    8 - Xavier, Francisco Cândido. The Consoler, dictated by the spirit Emmanuel, Rio de Janeiro: FEB publishing house, 2001, question 121

    9 - Through the Kyoto Protocol the industrialized countries commit themselves to reduce their carbon dioxide (CO2) to a level 5.2% smaller than in 1990 between 2008 and 2012. For that, the ratification of 55 countries is needed.

    10 - Theory which assures that the planet Earth is a living being. It was presented in 1969 by the British investigator James E. Lovelock, the Gaia theory, also known as 9-Hypotesis Gaia, said that the Earth biosphere is capable to generate, maintain and regulate its own conditions of environment.

    11 - Xavier, Francisco Cândido. Coming to the Light(A Caminho da Luz), RJ: FEB publishing house 1987

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