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    When the topic refers to HONESTY of directors and workers of the Christian hosts, the subject is really worrisome in view of the evidence. One of the most dramatic ones refers to the religious leaders that become rich - millionaires, I would say - at their followers' expense.

    And here a remark has to be added: I am not the first, the only one, or the last one to release this vice procession, but the Media, frequently, announces and exposes such facts, which are frankly abominable and have great negative repercussion.

    We give lectures about this subject in several centers and point out, from the rostrum, that the authentic Christian is honest in everything he/she does.

    If someone owes anything, s/he obligatorily has to pay off that debit with his/her creditor; it is simply a matter of honesty. It is not possible "pretend" forgetting the debt. Transparency is indispensable in the monthly rendering of accounts with the contributors of the spiritualist house. We believe that it is simply an obligation to fix the demonstration of the right application of the funds received on the bulletin board. The administrators that act this way see the credibility of the institution they administrate and the pureness of their intentions become patent. On the other hand, one avoids rumors like: - "So-and-so is increasingly rich"; "so-and-so built a mansion with the money donated to the center" and, "so-and-so bought a brand new very expensive car", look at this!

    We remember that once, after a lecture about this troublesome topic, there were rumors in the center hallways, some spiritualist directors threw a "hail of bullets" at us (when we were not there, of course!) and, subtly, proscribed us from the orators scale. That decision did not affect us anyway, even because that would imply in admitting we complied with their obscure artifices with somebody else´s money.

    We confess that we were surprised with some of them, who were totally disharmonized (those that dissimulate holiness gestures, gentle words, superiority look, they judge themselves owners of the truth, etc.) dictating norms of conduct, that not even them have doctrinaire support to exemplify. It is a pity. And the worst is that all of them are there as if nothing had happened. They are with their minds narcotized in the illusion that they are missionaries.

    I wonder if the means justify the ends, when the directors are negligent concerning rendering accounts. If they are not in debt, they do not have what to fear, do they? It is evident that we became speechless and embarrassed when we know, through the press, that some "philanthropic" institutions deviate resources, emit false receipts of false donations, etc.

    There are centers that give, a "little help" to their fellows, dribbling the withheld taxes from the Federal Revenue … go figure! Other institutions receive clothes, shoes, food, household appliances, etc., as donations, and the directors take them, with the greatest naturalness.

    We know about institutions that accept donations, even of valuable objects and that the directors take the best of them, of course, before exposing them in bazaars thye call "beneficent", aiming at collecting funds to "social assistance" works. So, I ask: Is that the fruit of my imagination?

    I wonder if we are obsessed talking about the subject. No, my brothers. We are completely conscious of the Christian responsibility. Prudence continues being our best counselor. It is waste of time intimidating us so that we are discouraged of the task of spreading the Spiritualist Doctrine according to what we received from the spirit of "Truth", through Kardec.

    We also remember that the "owners" of some centers - those centers where the owners eternally alternate themselves in the administration - and that, in that occasion, heard our lecture about that stimulant topic, made a great noise in the conscience, became agitated, held solemn and private meetings, of course, to assess the obsession that took on the orator. Ah! He is being influenced by the darkness, because he is not respecting those who search the spiritualist center for the first time, when emphasizing dishonesty. Oh! They can even think that the message is for our board of directors.

    It is imperious to point out that we do not make use of the word to render spiritualist messages directed to institutions A, B or C, and much less aiming at defaming its image. We direct ourselves to all, indistinctively, as a general alert. We diffuse the concepts without privileging this or that spiritualist group, but as a matter of ethical conscience, we believe that the authentic spiritualist has to be faithful to the principles the doctrine imposes and knows that HONESTY is OBLIGATORY practice (with capital letter, right!) to all human beings, and mainly for a Christian. We cannot see any logic in a "half honest", "almost honest" or "more or less honest" person. Either one is honest or one is dishonest, there is no compromise.

    Shall your word be yes! yes! - no! No! Jesus taught us. Therefore, that is definitively exorcised each and every evasive that tries to justify fraudulent concessions, as if they were normal in certain occasions. The darkness phalanxes organize themselves to obstruct many Christian projects. The obsessors are intelligent, organized and they will take a step each time, because they know our vulnerable points very well. In this case we do not believe that warning about the obligation of the honest conduct is a darkness artifice, but that the spiritualist ideal is increasingly ethical and transparent, pursuant to the evangelic precepts…

    Jorge Hessen



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