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    Mani Fagundes dos Santos - Translation

    As soon as the leaning towards homosexuality is identified in this dimension of existence, it's paramount to give them proper educative support, at the same way it's done with the heterosexual majority of the society

    The multiple human experiences for reincarnation and repeated contact with both sexes provide the Spirit with the sexual tendencies either feminine or masculine and it reincarnates with both polarities and this junction, sometimes, finds its way contrary to the genital anatomy and sexual education gathered in its cultural environment. According to such experiences, t will lean towards either options and not always will it be made conforming to its inner aspiration, which can be contrary to the one determined by its socio-cultural environment.

    Emmanuel teaches in the book "Life and Sex" that the "Spirit goes through countless reincarnations, either as a female, or a male, which establishes the phenomenon of bisexuality, more or less notices, in nearly all creatures". (1) Maybe educational factors may occur to contribute the awakening of such tendencies, asleep in its subconscious mind. And, even if it performs roles according to its genital anatomy, and its psyche goes on with its sexual option, the desire to have contact with people of the same gender may happen.

    On such perspective there are also those who contest the non-educational interference for either (2), according to current psychological, even because the whole thing about the educational process is hetero, they say.

    It is also stated that when the homosexual performs heterosexual roles is always because of conflicts provoked by the social environment, in which he doesn't fulfill his expectations and falls back on homosexual fantasies to reach heterosexual effects. When such fulfillment happens, be it homo or hetero, then the bisexuality arises.

    As for Psychology pointing for the enablement of the bisexual activity, may occur, not necessarily, that in reality the person may be a homosexual trying a double living due to a conflict. Such event may trouble his conscience characterizing, because of that, a psycho-emotional confusion, though such occurrences don't happen because of homosexuality, but the action of prejudice taken by the person.

    Sincere scholars explain that the expression sexual opinion is abandoned by Psychology

    The life of the Spirit with the opposing sex it adopted in each incarnation, as well as those where it exercised its sexual option, will plasm into its psyche the typical tendencies of each polarity. We've also learned that sincere scholars explain that the expression "sexual opinion" is abandoned by Psychology, since the occurrence is always of manifest tendency; thus, environment alone plays no role in the existence of option. It is also stated that, admitting option for homosexuality is also admitting an enormous masochism, before all the adversity that surrounds the individual related to homosexuality.

    Emmanuel: "Homosexuality, also known as Transsexualism, in some circles of Science, defined by the set of characteristics, for the tendency of the creature to relate affectively to another creature of the same sex, does not find explanation in psychological studies which deal with it under materialistic basis, but is perfectly acceptable under the light of reincarnation". (3)

    Item 202 of The Spirits' Book, Allan Kardec asked the Spirits: " Does a spirit, when existing in the spirit-world, prefer to be incarnated as a man or as a woman?" "That is a point in regard to which a spirit is indifferent, and which is always decided in view of the trials which he has to undergo in his new corporeal life." (4)

    Genetics has tried to find genes which would explain homosexuality as being a sexual disorder. Psychiatry has tried to find brain enzymes which could influence in sexual behavior. Some sexologists have explained that it's a sexual preference (and we recall that the expression option has been officially abolished). But the real origin of the sex is not found in the physical vehicle, but in the complex structure of the Spirit. Only by this point should we face questions related to sex. "Human collectivity will learn, gradually, to understand that the concepts of normality and abnormality are not enough when it's all about morphological signs" (5)

    With the sexual freedom in modern society, tolerance towards homosexuality has increased

    We can't confuse homosexuality with character disorder, even because sexual slips of any tendency have several origins. Its genesic roots may come from impenetrable inner depths. "Phylogenetics (6) of the sex itself, which apparently starts in the mineral kingdom, going through the plants and the animal one, for then get to man's, shows an array of different forms, including auto-genesis [spontaneous generation] of viruses and cells and the bisexuality of hermaphrodites" (7), and this would justify for some researchers the appearance of what could be congenital sexual disorders.

    With the sexual freedom in modern society, tolerance towards homosexuality has increased, allowing many people "to come out the closet", thanks for the fight of homosexuals for their rights around the world, even forcing the change of legislatures. Chico Xavier explains, clearly, the following: "I can't see any reasons for criticism or mockery towards our brothers and sisters with homosexual tendencies, as we understand, as clear as the heterosexual ones that most human creatures have. In my notions of dignity of the spirit, I can't understand the reason why this or that social prejudice would impede a certain number of people to work and be useful to community life, solely for the fact that having brought innate psychological and physiological characteristics different from the majority. (...) I've never seen parents, aware of the important mission assigned by the Divine Providence, to reject a child for being born blind or handicapped. Would our conduct be human and just in patterns of disdain and rejection, to our brothers that are born with psychological difficulties?" (8) I think it's important to say here that psychological difficulties happen due to the fact of prejudice. Once prejudice is overcome, by the person itself, the psychological conflict ceases. Of course it would be too much to ask Chico to go so far in his explanations, even because of the date of the interview, it was a courageous act.

    The Spiritist Doctrine does not condemn homosexuality; quite to the contrary, it is respected

    The Spiritist Doctrine is known for being a liberator. There is no such character to impose narrow-minded views on creatures, making them unhappy and depressed. Sexual energy requires balance, not abuse or repression. The Spiritist Doctrine does not condemn homosexuality; quite to the contrary, it is respected. Many times, may be someone affected by the permissive appeal that spills from the toxic waters of exaggerated eroticism, added to the several pseudo-scientific encouragers of depravation, that may be harming his sincere project of moral edification, through a balanced sexual conduct. (9) That's why; he can't be discriminated, or rejected, because of Jesus' message "loving others as ourselves".

    As we saw with Emmanuel at the beginning of this article, there is no sheer masculinity or femininity on Earth. Women and men have some characteristics from each other. Long ago, the strict and repressive education contributed to place the homosexual individual according to the social expectancy around, contrary to his spontaneous tendencies.

    Admitting homosexuality doesn't mean to dive into a universe of challenging attitudes in your family or professional group, "but to do a deep exercise of self-acceptance, calm yourself down, in order to be able to recognize yourself and the circle of friends and relatives that live in situation of challenge. The true challenge is the inner construction to guide the desires balanced and healthy. And we are not here only to refer to sexual desire alone but all the sorts of desire that command the life of the creatures ". (11)

    Emmanuel: "The world sees, these days, in every country, extensive communities of brothers living this sort of thing [homosexual], accounting for millions of men and women, requesting attention and respect, just like their heterosexual counterparts". (12) Homosexuality should not be, then, classified as a psychopathy or behavior conducive to discrimination or repressive measures.

    Either the homosexual or transsexual should look to their inner reform

    Another controversial issue, for many Christians, is the possibility of a stable union [marriage] between two people of the same sex. Because of the prejudiced myopia of a fake religious purism of the overwhelming majority of Christians considered "pure", this is blasphemy. This makes the topic very complex, and we wouldn't dare to say the final word. We are, therefore, open to discussions. But, upon further reflection about the subject, mainly being based on Chico Xavier's assessment, we understand that the stable union [marriage] between homosexuals may be legitimate, for the fact that people should choose their own way to find happiness. Only by getting rid of prejudice that comes with us from millenniums will we get understand this question better. We would dare to say that the legalization of marriage between two people of the same gender is an advancement of society, which will be only regulating what exists already.

    Either the homosexual or transsexual should look to their inner reform, not giving in to exaggerations provoked by instinctive and sexual impulses. Remember: what's forbidden for homosexuals, it's also for heterosexuals. Both need to "distinguish in the sex the core of superior energies that the Creator gives to the creature to balance the activities, feeling the task of protecting them against the susceptible deviations. "Sex is a renovating source of body and soul ". (13)

    As soon as the leaning towards homosexuality is identified in this dimension of existence, it's paramount to give them proper educative support, at the same way it's done with the heterosexual majority of the society.

    We believe, in the end, that such ideas might take, to those who read it, meditation about the subject, remembering that homosexuality transcends in itself the simple question of sexual exchange.

    Jorge Hessen




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    Mani Fagundes dos Santos - Translation

    The spiritist therapy invites the sick to face their responsibility, calling for an honest self-analysis, so that it can ultimately eliminate their incursions in the abyss of moral deviations

    Spiritism explains that the cause of evil in madness comes from inside and we must seek to restore the body to normal state. In obsession, the cause of evil is outside, and we must free the patient from an invisible enemy opposing him, not medicine, but a moral force superior to his. "Experience shows that in similar cases, the exorcism did not produce satisfactory results anymore rather worsened the situation instead of improving it. Only Spiritism, by indicating the real cause of evil, can provide the means to combat it." (1) Of course disregarding the exorcism of harmless "apometria" techniques and of other fantasised disobsession practices that occur in Spiritist Centres that are tragically administered.

    Let us learn from the good doers that we must morally educate the obsessing Spirit, in some way, offering intelligent advice, you can help them better themselves and convince them to turn down spontaneously the torment they cause on their victim, and then they free themselves.

    However, we cannot forget that obsessing entities are skilful and intelligent, perfect strategists who plan each step and monitor the prey for some time, noting their tendencies, their relationships, and their ideals. They identify their victim vulnerabilities (often linked to sexual misconduct) and exploit them perseveringly.

    For the psychiatric school of thought, obsession is a thought, or impulse, persistent or recurrent, unwanted and distressing, and that comes to mind unintentionally, despite attempts to ignore it or delete it. Psychiatrists who do not acknowledge anything outside matter cannot understand the hidden cause, but when the science academy leaves the materialistic routine, it will recognize in the action of the invisible world around us and in which we live, a force which reacts on physical things, as well as on moral things. This will open a new path to progress and the key to a multitude of poorly understood phenomena of human psyche.

    Obsession shows several characters, from a simple moral influence to the complete disruption of the body

    Under the spiritist focus, obsession is a persistent action that a bad spirit has on an individual. It presents very different characters, ranging from a simple moral influence without sensitive external signs to the complete disruption of the body and mental faculties. As for the obsessive subjugation (2), it represents a physical constraint always exercised by vengeful spirits and can lead up to the degradation of free will. It is limited, often the mere uncomfortable impressions, but that often can result in disordered psychomotor movements, inconsistent attitudes, seizures, inappropriate or detrimental words, which the targeted person is aware of how ridiculous, but which cannot defend themselves. "This state differs essentially from the pathological madness, which is wrongly confused with, because there is no physical original and because the causes are different, the means to its cure must be different. Applying the ordinary procedure of showers and body treatments, what is often diagnosed real madness, there is only a moral issue." (3) The psycho spiritual perturbation should be eliminated from the Orb the moment in which the genuine example of love is tried and spread in all directions, as Jesus embodied and lived by the bitterness of death, and continuing since the apostolic times to the current days.

    Spiritism, unmasking the interference of the hardened evil spirits in our lives, cast light on issues still disregarded by materialistic science as psychopathological causes. And, obviously, not discarding the possibility of psychosomatic disorder, the Spiritist Doctrine reveals other sources of human misery, maintained by the fragility of moral beings.

    The treatment for varying degrees of obsession is long and the cure depends on the patient

    We recognize that the use of antidepressant drugs establish chemical harmony in the brain, improving the patient's mood, however, simply acting in the effect does not cure the obsession in its central causes, they only restore the transit of brain cells messages, correcting the neuro-chemical function of the CNS (central nervous system). Socrates has said "if the doctors are unsuccessful, it's because they treating most of the diseases dealing only with the body and not treating the soul. Well if the whole does not feel in good condition, it is impossible that part of it feels well." (4)

    If when facing our momentary failures we usually forget to be patient and in balance, the prayer and self vigilance, then it is urgent to establish a time for introspection, in a frame of mind so that we do in ourselves the imperious corrections. In these daily situations we usually chose the idea of obsession, possession, oppression, as "victims" (5) of haunting entities. However the question is not only the spiritual influence that enemies often implant in our psychological frequency, but this mainly concerns our own selves.

    The treatment for the varying degrees of obsession is long, very delicate and complex. The happy result depends on the spiritual renewal of the patient, when he/ she awakens to the seriousness of the situation in which he / she is afflicted. Simultaneously, the fraternal solidarity, involving patients in both compassion and prayers, information and incentives for a healthy future, are able to break the circle of destructive energy, opening up space for the beneficial action, an exchange for hope and liberation.

    In any case of obsession patients hold the most important part of treatment

    Often sought by obsessed Christ penetrated the psychological causes of their concern and, using His moral authority, both released obsessing spirits and obsessed people, allowing them to wake up to an encouraged life towards recovery and peace of their own conscience. However, it is very important to remember that Jesus did not free the obsessed without enforce them the need for inner renewal or expelled unconscious pursuing spirits without giving them God's directions.

    In any case of obsession patients hold the most important part of the treatment. His/her determination to be morally unbalanced makes it difficult to remove barriers in the therapy for the betterment. The spiritist therapy is a call to the sick to accept their responsibility, suggesting them to an honest self-analysis, so that it can ultimately eliminate their incursions in the abyss of moral deviations.

    Let us try; therefore, by constant surveillance and praying to be free from the whip of obsessions, in the firm purpose of amendment of negative habits and attitudes, entering within the noble values of life for effective change in behaviour.

    Jorge Hessen




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