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    It is common, after beating cancer, that the patient requires emotional reinforcement to return to the routine of life because he continues to need special care, both physically and emotionally, with each case involving specific aspects. This is particularly true because the stages are many and painful;: diagnosis, exams, investigation, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and the other medical procedures, all these factors can cause the person to be weakened and this demands a cautious follow up.

    To beat cancer and return immediately to the active life, although not the rule, does not mean to say that the disease cannot be vanquished. According to patients' reports, suffering does not come just from the disease in itself, but from the treatments and these are usually marked by the side effects. It is common to observe emotional strain and changes in the style of living of the patient and the family. To soften a little, the trauma left by the therapeutic process, emotional help relieves anguish and the fear of the recurrence.

    The spiritualists are aware that the patient, when arriving to the hospital, he brings his current and past life history with himself and not merely just the disease... His emotional state is resulting from vectors in the structure of the personality, interpretation and existence of the events, his consideration aspects of the imaginary and the real as well as the other variable causes of pathology.

    Science and technology are making precocious diagnosis and appropriate therapeutics of the diseases more and more possible, following up its evolution and even achieving success in many cases. However, even with such scientific progress, a lot of diseases promote organic, emotional and social alterations that demand constant care and consequently processes for adaptation. Remembering above all, that "the valuable contribution of academic medicine, when is not followed up by a good doctor-patient relationship, will provide incomplete results to reach the excruciating cause of the diseases and anguishes it causes." (1)

    Now, the optimism, spirituality, creativity, religious faith and above all, the complex universe of thought that have all been associated with the well-being and quality of life for bearers of chronic diseases are being studied. On the other hand, there is research about the human health that analyzes the question if the mind, through a psychological or emotional state, has the capacity to cure diseases. This study, carried out by scientists of the University of Pennsylvania, in the United States, tries to demonstrate the fact that people with cancer who are optimistic or pessimists in relation to the cure, do not directly influence in the chances of survival to the disease.

    For solid reasons, we disagreed with this argument, since several pieces of evidence point to the fact that in the case of serious diseases (as in advanced cancer), the mind (the thought form) can influence the cure, this disagreement is made without dismissing the value of doctors' research. Strictly speaking, faith (in the concept of the common sense) does not modify the laws of nature; it does not make "miracles", although it can help, concomitantly, with the work of good medical teams making great differences in hospital treatment. Being timely, it is necessary for one to consider this; that to affirm them as being endowed with religious faith to "feel" powerful before the diseases, does not solve the problem of the pain, this is especially because "titles of faith do not constitute mere words covering the deficiencies and weaknesses. They express duties of improvement from which it will not be lawful of us to escape, without the obligation worsening. In our circle of work, thus, the act of having faith will not be enough to convince us." (2)

    There are specialists that corroborate this theory, considering that the optimistic glance upon the disease and having firm thought in the cure are powerful mechanisms that can help the patients to handle the treatments of cancer better and continue a normal life. For example, we have what happened with the vice-president of Brazil - José Alencar. Nowadays, more and more people are surviving cancer and that survival is due, without any doubt, to emotion and thoughts, rich in vibratory content between the patient and the Creator. Many patients, before the diagnosis of the disease, transform the pain into hope and arouse in themselves the will to struggle for a better life. However, others give up and abandon themselves, admitting that are under a death sentence.

    Regarding the human thought; academic science, materialistic par excellence, establishes that the phenomenon is merely physiologic, resulting from incessant neuron activity. However, the spiritualists know that the mental matter is creation of energy that is uttered from the Spirit and is diffused by a flow of particles and waves, just as any other form of propagation of energy from the Universe. As much as in the physical field, the thought, in varied degrees of excitement, generates length and frequency waves which corresponded to the tenor of the creative pulse of the will or the objective wanted.

    To think, is a process of projection of mental matter and this "matter" is the subtle instrument of the will, acting with the formations of the physical matter, generating the motivations pleasure or displeasure, happiness or pain, optimism or despair, that are not reduced to abstractions. They represent whirls and cycles of force in which the soul creates their own states of inductive mentation, attracting for itself the agents [for now imponderable] of light or shadow, victory or defeat, misfortune or happiness." (3) Regarding that, the thought stops having an intangible dimension to consubstantiate in the condition of matter movement.

    The reflexes of the feelings and negative thoughts that we have return to us after having been transformed into mental waves and disrupting our organic functions. Therefore, the thought, as a modality of subtle energy, working in a wave form, with a speed higher than the velocity of light, when passing through the places and creatures, means that situations and objects we encounter integrally affect our health. "When we surrender ourselves to the unbalance or established disturbances in damage against us (...), we shape in the physiopsychosomatic tissues certain rupture fields in the cellular harmony, creating morbid predispositions for this or that illness and consequently, the whole area reached become susceptible to microbial invasion." (4)

    Through fear, exacerbated anguish and insipid thought, we enslave ourselves in the trunks of painful torture, sentencing us, sometimes to years and years, of pilgrimage in the rails of the spiritual uneasiness. To abbreviate; the torment that flagellates our conscience, in several forms, is indispensable in assisting to the mental renewal and the only means of recovery of the spiritual harmony and physical health.

    In view of this, let us try to adopt a rigid discipline of mental and moral habits, establishing goals and duties that put us above mundane pleasures and maintain us in serenity with the odd opportunity for the current physical experience, which favors us with spiritualistic information.

    We should look for, above all, the salutary habits of the prayer, meditation and work, trying to get rich of hope and happiness, for us to never discourage before the challenges of any disease. "We should watch and pray to not yield into temptations, since to cry under the great suffering of the resistance is worth than smile under the narcotics of the fall." (5)

    For all of the evils and any diseases, we should center our thoughts in Jesus, because "our medicine is and will always be Jesus. We should adjust ourselves to the Redeeming Gospel, because Christ is the goal of our renewal. Regenerating our existence by His patterns, we will restructure the intimate life of those that surround us. The Gospel of the Lord explains to us that pure and effective thought is the force that throws us from darkness into the light, from hate into love, from pain into happiness." (6)

    Jorge Hessen




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