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    The famous physicist Stephen Hawking, in his latest book entitled "The Universe in a Nutshell", explains, in an instigating way, that: "A butterfly flapping its wings in Tokyo can cause rain in New York's Central Park". (1) As explained by himself, "it is not the flapping of the wings, pure and simple, that will generate the rain, but it is the influence of this tiny movement on other events in other places that can lead, ultimately, to influence the climate."(2)

    It calls our attention the sequence of natural catastrophes which have occurred recently. "Unofficial estimates point to the mass death of more than 30 thousand people, more than 100 thousand people having lost their houses, producing one of the biggest cataclysms that reached Iran, similar to what occurred in September of 1978." (3) Wether it is the tsunami in Indonesia, which devastated so many cities and provoked so much destruction, or the "hurricanes that meet themselves in a godly council made of winds and lightings in the gulf of Mexico and conjugate themselves in the Katrina, which runs full of wrath and energy and ends up destroying New Orleans [could it be the influence of the human "butterflies" destroyed in Iraq?] or also Rita, with the same fury, and now the Kashmir earthquake, in Pakistan, a region of confront with India, where forces are in permanent vigil to fight and, suddenly, joined by the disaster, leave their weapons, take the ambulances and join themselves by solidarity. (4)

    Due to those clamors from nature, groups of fanatic people who create odd cults and parties, abandoning jobs and families and waiting for the "Doomsday" appear in several parts of the world. According to the "ISTO É" magazine of August 4, 1999, there are around 200 thousand of them, only in France, with 300 thousand followers. In Japan, several "gurus" foresee the "end of the world". In the United States, 55 million of Americans think that there is not much time until the end of the world. For those, the hurricanes that have been destroying the central region of the country are angels sent to punish men, announcing the "Great End". (5)

    The appearance of people with such odd beliefs, whose number multiply everywhere in the world, is not comforting, since they are numbed in their senses by the expectation of a "new age". Even in the spiritualists troops, some books with ideas that induce many credulous to panic or to the catastrophist hypnosis that the worse the better has broken out.

    In the current days, before the Cause and Effect Law, we do not need to foretell the future to predict about the terrestrial situation for the near future. Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, volcanic eruptions and other natural catastrophes are an inevitable part of nature's beat. This does not mean that we cannot do anything to make ourselves less vulnerable. "Learning with today's catastrophes to face the future threats". (6) - remember us Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations, stressing that it is up to us to learn with each tragedy. In many situations the causal nexus between the catastrophe and the human action is present. Men modify the geologic composition, with diggings, deforestations, embankments and other actions, and their unwariness ends up generating the aforementioned "natural" catastrophes.

    And in this conjuncture of fear some situation about the next terrestrial setting in total indifference are foreseen. It is known in the European universities that the pollution of motor vehicles in the Old Continent kills more than transit accidents. The force of the expansion of the consumption of illicit drugs, the vulgarization of the sexual behavior propagated through magazines, newspapers, television, cinema, theater, video tapes, cable TV, personal computers, etc are perceived…There are hypothesis that Islamism (sponsored by oil money) will clash with the Christian nations, assuming, little by little, the place that was once taken by the communism of former times, in its ideological basis.

    There are discussions about the legalization of illicit drugs, people talk about structural unemployment (resulting of the globalizing phenomenon), thare are talks about the rupture of the order etc… There are speculations about the dim forecast of the drastic reduction of the source of potable water in four decades' time. About that some researchers foresee world-wide conflicts having as their cause the race for the control of the vital liquid. "We have grown accustomed to always hear that Brazil does not have earthquakes or typhoons. But let us not forget the draught, as cruel as those, and that, now, in the land of the waters, reaches the Amazon. The rivers are drying there, where 12% of the fresh water of the Earth is". (9)

    We know through the Lyon Genius that the great phenomena of Nature, those which are considered as elements disturbance, are not from unexpected causes, because " everything has a reason of being and nothing happens without God´s permission." "( ) And the cataclysms "sometimes have a reason of being that is direct to men. However, in most cases, its objective is the reestablishment of the balance and harmony of nature's physical forces."( )

    While the painful transitions of the 20th century are announced to the gloomy tinkling of the coins echoing in the stock market, the spiritual forces meet themselves to the great reconstruction of the future. The moment when the gauging of all terrestrial moral values will be made to the resuscitation of the creative energies of a new world approaches. In this journey, Jesus´s lesson did not pass and will never pass. In the painful fight of the civilizations He is the light of the beginning and in His hands Earth destinies lie.

    "In this world you will just have afflictions, but have good spirit, [said the Master] I won the world" (10) In this warning we see that life in this world is really this way, in which for an hour of joy or happiness we have days and days of sadness and pain. Just like that we continue living day after day, confident that we are the eternal spirit, created for the spiritual sublimity.

    The pessimists always insist in considering that the negative and dim way of perceive the things of the world is a realist way of living. In reality, if we look at life with lots of emotion (distant from the reasoning) we are going to find reasons that lower the spirits everywhere and every situation; destitute children, universal famine, wars, urban violence, kidnappings, high prices, social unsafety, corruption, catastrophic accidents, and so forth. However, it is an obligation with our welfare being adapted to life, with all that it has of good and bad, without necessarily complying with everything. To be worried means to be always trying to improve the current conditions, to do something to change to a better situation. This concern is a healthy and desired attitude.

    Remember that there is still time for the practice of the evangelic codes, the only condition that will determinate the great Global transformation in the future. It will be the end of the old world, guided by prejudice, pride, egoism and incredulity. "There is a lesson to be taken from all these. All of us are condemned to live together, to abandon the times of war and search, in the unity, to prepare ourselves to survive in the planet that shelters our lives." (11)

    Earth will not have to change itself through a hecatomb that will destroy a full generation at once. Even because the spiritualist rules indicate that the current generation will disappear gradually and a new one will naturally succeed, in other words, a fraction of the spirits that incarnate in the Earth do not incarnate anymore. In each child that will born, instead of a spirit inclined to evil, which would incarnate in it before, will come a more advanced spirit and inclined to the good. However difficult the inevitable process of the final selection of the ethic values of the society may be, we cannot forget that Jesus is the Way which induces us to the illuminated concepts of Truth, where we receive the glorious seeds of wisdom, which will dominate the centuries to come, preparing our social lives for the apogee of the universal love in the full respect to life in the Planet.

    Jorge Hessen




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