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    The Spiritualistic House should be a granary of hopes in the tumultuous night of anguishes and pains, for it is the referential of the luminescent message of the Promised Paraclete.

    As cell of inalienable importance of the Spiritualistic Movement, we have the Spiritualistic Center, with well-defined functions and, therefore, totally linked to the doctrinaire precepts, in which congregate the followers of Spiritism to integrate in the essence of the Third Revelation, establishing the basic structure of intellectual deepening in the context of the doctrinaire information, so as to be able to rationally embody it in their moral and social daily behavior. However, it is exactly in the spiritualistic houses, where the Spiritualistic Movement should consolidate itself that the strangest "doctrinaire" practices happen. One of the most serious problems of that process arises from those that take up directive responsibilities, without the indispensable moral, cultural and doctrinaire resources.

    The Spiritualistic Movement comes from men's dynamics on behalf of the diffusion of the spiritualistic codes. Thus, we may infer that this process should be consubstantiated in the program of the Code, especially because it is due to it that it exists. But, unfortunately, the Spiritism when becoming popular, remains unknown (for lack of studying of Kardec), and/or distorted and deviated in many of its concepts.

    The Spiritism is the Third Revelation to men, having its doctrinaire building found in Allan Kardec's indefatigable intellectual contribution when compiling the messages of the Spiritual Benefactors, transforming them into books, making them traditional as basic works, namely: The Book of the Spirits, The Book of Media, The Gospel According to Spiritism, Heaven and Hell, and Genesis.

    Therefore practices distant from the objectives proposed by the Spiritualistic Doctrine are not performed in Spiritualistic Centers, among which we remember the sacramental actions such as: baptisms, confirmations, marriages, wakes, tithes, which if done outside the spiritualistic hosts deserve our utmost respect.

    As if that was not enough, distant companions of the Christian vigil come, who introduce practices in the spiritualistic nuclei that are inopportune, such as: charity festival (which sounds contradictory compared to the slogan:... do not know your left hand...), sung prayers, special parameters (tie and suit, white clothes), debates of party politics, gambling (bingos, riffles, lottos), fashion shows, etc...

    They are brethren who create unnecessary doctrinaire confusion, imposing their own ideas as if they were spiritualistic principles and always accepting "innovations" and unproven "revelations", creating their private Spiritualisms in a confused tendency to the occasional mysticism.

    That without mentioning the publication of supposedly "doctrinaire" and truly irresponsible books, through which the exaltation of the mediunic fantasy is promoted. Those are practices that are proper to the darkness, whose objective is the mental imprisonment and the psychic slavery that are promoted on behalf of Spiritism.

    We take our time to remember that Spiritism does not endorse "therapeutic" proposals in spiritualistic houses, such as: pyramid therapy, crystal therapy, chromo therapy, music therapy, hydrotherapy, desobsession through magnetic current (would we be bringing exorcism to the centers?), apometry, animic shocks, etc. To "graft" them in spiritualistic institutions as if they were spiritualistic practices is a high-risk attitude, for they disrespect the magnitude of Spiritism when they try to limit it to narrow private points of view.

    Until when will they continue imposing ludic ravishments in the spiritualistic centers managed by simple and sincere brethren (usually without a lot of culture), but who allow themselves to be seduced?

    That is why the whim of the wills of the crystallized, yet still in doctrinaire ignorance leaderships is installed, disseminating such practices which are perfectly dispensable in the spiritualistic groups.

    Jorge Hessen



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