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    Altivo Ferreira, director of the Brazilian Spiritist Federation (FEB, in Portuguese), informs that "Instrumental Transcommunication repeats nowadays what the phenomenology of Hydesville, in the state of New York back in 1848 represented to the World, culminating with the arrival of the Christ's promised Consoler to Humanity." The tribune Divaldo Franco takes us to the glorious days of Allan Kardec when saying "at the time of the Encoder, Transcommunication was present in the first messages through the tripod table, or later in the small wicker basket, or in other phenomena, through the manifestation of the messages written in slate, without any human contact."

    In fact, in May, 1855, professor Hyppolyte-Léon-Denizart Rivail learned of tables that answered questions asked to the "Spirits" with knocks. "The genius of Lyon saw there that there was an intelligent power behind that mini-poltergeist" (according to researcher Hernani Guimarães Andrade). The method is way behind the contemporary technique, but the principle of talking with entities without the mouth and ears of the medium is all there." Undoubtedly it was Allan Kardec who interpreted that beautiful phenomenon, since its beginning when he codified the Spiritualistic Doctrine, revealing and confirming the immortality of the soul.

    At that time, the instruments for the Transcommunication were mainly the "turning tables", among others. With the technological advanced, the Spirits have been using today's available electronic equipment to communicate, such as television sets, tape recorders, telephones, computers and sensitive photographic plates in high-speed cameras. It is the phenomenon of Instrumental transcommunication, by definition the use of electronic instruments for the exchange with beyond-grave life.

    The Book of the Spirits, question 934 says that, "(you) Have, however, a consolation in being able to communicate with your friends through the means that are at your hand, while you do not have others which are more direct and more accessible to your senses." (we highlight) Thus, humanity's great geniuses are at the puss of a button of recording equipment and are the master-key for the opening of the gates of the mysteries of the spiritual life. "The secrets of time, space, History, science, philosophy are with them." They have the torch that may shed us light to walk between the two dense stations of our transcendental inquiries: whence do we come and whither do we go?

    "Extraordinary discoveries unveil new and great horizons to the human knowledge." Although it seems new to many, strictly speaking, ITC research is already over 100 years old. According to the researchers, Thomas Edson would have been the first one to contemplate the possibility of contacting the dead, when he said that if he could create a subtle enough equipment as to be handled by those who had already left, the exchange would happen. However, only with the arrival of Electronics interdimensional contacts started to become sound, in other words, since the 50's. And it was in June, 1956,in Stockholm that a man devoted to recording birds, Friederich Jürguenson, recorded a beyond-grave voice for the first time. "His experiences inspired the great researcher Raudive to continue them . But at that time, the great engineer Meek had already tried to perform that amazing work in the USA, using the Spiricom. Through three consecutive generations and attempts of the Spiricom, they managed to record voices, even one attributed to Charles Richet, the father of human metapsychic.

    "There is a concern in knowing whether ITC will be recognized by the science, however, it is part of the human nature combating, objecting, reacting and that process is natural, making everybody aware of those phenomena, being impossible to deny it the legitimacy of the proven facts." For more than 5,000 years already religions have been claiming that one lives after death, but science has not been paying much attention to it. "Perhaps, if instead of that being under a religious perspective were proven as a scientific truth, we would have the effective dissemination of that reality - whose result, we imagine, would be of bringing more responsibility to Mankind, new directions for the Humanity, after all."

    Nowadays, since interdimensional communication is a reality, we believe that in the near future the official Science will have to confront itself with the reality of the Spirit, duly proven in the laboratory. Even because "Chemists and physicists, geometricians and mathematicians, taken to the condition of investigators of the truth, are today, unwillingly, priests of the Spirit, because, as a consequence of their cunning studies, materialism and atheism will be forced to disappear, due to their lack of substance, the base that assured them the negativistic speculations".

    The scientific part of Spiritism embraces areas such as the research of Poltergeist cases, Reincarnation, NDE, Visions in the Bed of Death, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Regressions to Past Lives, etc... and although all those phenomena have plenty of evidence, they lack documentation to leave the category of metascience. Instrumental Transcommunication is a segment rich in possibilities to gather evidence in favor of the reality of the survival after death, besides evidencing the communication.

    To get to what it is today, the Doctrine had to go from the United States to Mexico, then to Scotland and later to England, until arriving at the turning tables of Paris, in 1853. As Allan Kardec said, in the Spirtist Magazine from May 1864, the phenomena first appeared in the USA as physical effects because they were in the character of that people. When they penetrated France, which was the origin of the universal culture of those days, they changed the characteristics of the phenomenon, from physical effects to intelligent ones. "In Brazil, we have had almost a century and a half of coexistence with the phenomena of intelligent effects. We no longer need the materialization of Spirits, movement of objects at a distance, direct writing, etc, and other types of phenomena to convince us of anything. The Spiritualistic Centers work, basically, with the intelligent phenomenon, the one which seeks the moral transformation of humanity."

    The hydesville phenomena provoked a general reaction, attracting the attention of researchers, the Press and religious people. With the progress of Cybernetics and Computer science, the Spirits are looking for other ways to provoke the same results. However, it is extremely important to bear in mind that "The Spiritualistic Center has its function, as doctrinaire propagation center and as an aid station to the fellow beings. One cannot deny the validity of the transcommunication experiences, just like on cannot deny the results obtained from PLT (Past Live Therapy), for it would be the same as denying reincarnation. But neither one nor the other are the purposes of the Center. The PLT is for the specialized medical clinic, just like the ITC is a work for researchers."

    We always try to avoid linking ITC specifically to Spiritism. That because, for its nature, ITC is a "scientific technology" that appeared independently from any attitude or religious base. It may have religious implications only in its effects. ITC will only work as a supporting evidence for the hypothesis of the survival after the physical death and to the communication with the spiritual plan. This aspect is common to all spiritualistic religions.

    We remember that Pope John Paul II, said, in 1983, that: "The dialogue with the dead should not be interrupted, for, in reality, life is not limited by the horizons of the world." Later, in November, 1998, talking to pilgrims in Rome, as broadcasted by the Vatican Radio, John Paul II affirmed again that: "One should not think that life after the death begins in the Day of the Doom. There are very special conditions after the natural death. It is a transition phase. While the body is dissolved, the spiritual components continue alive. That spiritual element is formed by the very conscience and its free will. Man exists without the physical body."

    Priest François Charles Antoine Brune is devoted to studies of ITC phenomena. Brune declares that "The after life exists and we can communicate with those that we call dead." The author of the books "Os Mortos nos Falam" (The Dead Talk to Us) and "Linha Direta do Além" (Direct Connection from Beyond), François Brune also explains that: "I have written those books to try to break the thick wall of silence, of incomprehension, of ostracism, erected by most of the intellectual means of the West. For them, to talk about eternity is tolerable; to say that one can communicate with it is considered unbearable. (...) I want to show that life continues, that there is a God that loves us, that waits for us, and that the only value of life is love. I want to show that life after death depends on our life in this world."

    Jorge Hessen




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