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    What characterizes man, the inhabitant of Earth for millions of years, is the intelligence with which it is endowed. This intelligence complements itself with the will and the freedom to think and act. But the human being, with its intelligence and attributes has a cause, a generator, a Creator, which is outside it. This first cause, the Supreme Intelligence, in the Superior Spirituality teachings, is the Creator not only of man, but of everything that exists in the whole Universe. Those synthetic teachings, which are in the basic works of the Spiritualism, were complemented by others so that man could form an idea of itself, its origin and destiny, and the world in which it lives and the infinite Universe. The notions that the Doctrine of the Spirits offers of the Creator and of creation - God, spirit, and matter - facilitate the understanding of everything that exists, principally when that basic knowledge id complemented by the revelation of the divine laws established for the work of everything that was created. Through the natural or divine laws, today Humanity can understand that the Supreme Intelligence has created not only the two elements - spirit and matter - but has regulated the work of the whole creation in a full universal harmony. Matter and spirit are connected in such a way that, ruled by perfect and unchangeable laws, today we can understand the meaning of the life on Earth and in other words, in a reality that is opposed to what the past and present religions and philosophic schools have taught. Thus, the New Revelation unveils the great mysteries of the past, with which both the primitive cave man and the philosophic and religious systems of all ages have come across with. God is the primary cause, the Divine Creator of everything that exists, but He is also the Legislator who established the eternal laws for the work of all His creation, in the domains of life and nature. The wisdom of the Revealing Spirits tried not to define God, the Creator, to avoid mistakes and limitations to the perfect and infinite Being. The human language and intelligence, being limited, do not have the conditions to define what is infinite and unlimited. The Revelations of the Superior Spirituality, formulated in the Spirit Codification, are very important for Humanity, in all their aspects. However, in what concerns the notions of God, the Creator and the Universe, the Revelations assume exceptional importance, due to the diversity of conceptions reigning in the religions, philosophies, and sciences, showing that God cannot be mistaken by His creation, as in the oriental Pantheism; He is not an anthropomorphic God either, as in the religious conceptions of the occident; nor does not exists, to the multifarious materialism and the atheism which dominates in some sciences and philosophies. The conditions of life on Earth were elaborated in such a way that man, having the free will granted by his Creator, got the most diverse conclusions about himself and his God, in the course of the millenna. However, in a certain moment of the planetary life, when Humanity has already reached considerable progress in scientific knowledge about the matter and changed many aspects of its social organization, this reached evolution contrasted with its conceptions of its Creator and the divine laws which rule everything in the Universe. It is in that historic moment of Humanity, in the middle of the 19th century of the Christian Age, that the Divine Mercy, represented by the Spiritual Governor of the Orb, the Christ of God, comes to the rescue of the inhabitants of this Planet, bringing them the explanations that were transformed in lights which illuminate causes and effects not realized until then. The Spirit Revelation comes to aid everybody who is already in conditions to understand the Power, Goodness, and Mercy of God, its multiple forms of manifestation all over the Universe, including in our world of expiations and testing. This Revelation, like all the previous ones, is available for those who are searching real knowledge, in the pursuit of coherence and truth. However, the new revelations neither obligate nor constrain the deniers or the skeptics to accept them. They represent the solidarity, love, and goodness from High Above to those who already deserve help and understanding. Spiritualism does not come to Humanity as an imposition from the Higher to the Lower. It really seeks opening the human mind to the general knowledge about the life, about all that exists, their causes and manifestations. Its basic postulates not only explain and clear the great problems faces by man, but help the thought to always evolve, not stopping in dogmatic positions which restrict reality's and truth's future unfoldings. It is what happened, after the Codification formulated by the missionary Allan Kardec, through extensive literature, whether or not mediumistic, whose task was developing concepts, definitions and truths revealed in the basic works, without altering their essence, showing us the continuation of life in spiritual worlds and spheres, the perfect work of the divine laws, in the most different situations, and the confirmation of the unsurpassable Christ Message, without the interpretation distortions of the many sects called Christians. Besides the security that the Comforting and Clarifying Doctrine proportionate to the logic and rational thoughts of its sincere followers, the Doctrine itself assures that any misunderstood or misconception that the sciences and the general progress prove as such, it accepts the proven truth or the new fact, previously unknown, since its engagement is with reality, and that does not affect its essential structure. In consequence of this principle, the spiritist is neither afraid of the progress of the sciences, nor worried with the confrontation of the principles of its Doctrine with the thoughts of others philosophies and religions. The certainty of the continuation of life, after the death of the physical body, the contact with the transcending realities, the perception of a fair and merciful God, the knowledge and the confirmation of the successive lives and the demonstration of the permanent presence of the divine laws in Nature, in its several kingdoms and in all the billions of worlds of the Universe, give the follower of the Spirit Doctrine a different perception of life on Earth, before the vicissitudes and the future, inducing him /her not to be too attached to the transitory things of the world and value everything that refers to the immortal being that it is - the Spirit. Dilating the importance of life, the Doctrine helps its adept to accept the afflicting facts and painful circumstances with confidence and resignation. Knowing that death only affects the body, she/he naturally accepts his/her own death and the death of those who preceded him/her, confident that the reencounter is a matter of time. Those motivations and others, real and not illusory ones, powerfully influence the spiritual growth and the moral renovation of the being, giving him/her another dimension of life, in whose reality he/she is forever immerse. Because of that, considering that the law of progress and evolution, as a divine norm, renovates the whole creation, including the still backward world in which we live, it is licit that we expect the regeneration of this orb, with the predominance of Christ's teachings, in spirit and truth, and those of the Comforter sent by Him, propitiating the substitution of the current mentality, originated from a past of mistakes, by another one, molded in the reality and in Truth…Since the Classic Antiquity, in which the Greeks predominated with their philosophies in the Western civilization, the field of knowledge is divided in two parts: in one the materialist thoughts prevail, constant in several philosophical thoughts; in the other the spiritualist thought serves as the foundation for religions. Traditional religions and philosophies did not achieve satisfactory solutions for all human problems. The Spirit Doctrine, comprising philosophic, scientific, moral, religious, educational, and social aspects, came, at the right moment, to explain the problems and give them the right solutions, with the revelation of unknown realities and using old truths, as the doctrine of reincarnation, or the successive lives, known for millennia in the East. The Spirit Codification was built on sound foundations, under the auspices of the Higher Spirituality. Its thoughts are so sound that, in spite of the enormous development of the scientific knowledge in the second part of the 19th and 20th centuries, there was no need to adjust the Spirit Doctrine to any new truths or discoveries. The spirit experts know that many of the doctrinaire teachings are foresights of realities that only will be recognized in the future by the many scientific areas man is occupied with. That does not mean that the Spiritualism is a complete and finished work. The Instructing Spirits and the Codifier themselves characterized it as an evolutionist doctrine, in the sense that it always aggregates the new discovered and proven truths. If there is a field in which the evolution law operates with all its clarity that is the realm of the successive revelations. The Spiritualism is precisely the last phase of the Higher Spiritual Manifestations for Humanity. If there are successive revelations from Above, it is going to be easy to deduce its future continuation. The revelations are supplies, provided by the Higher Spirituality to men, people, races, and civilizations, so they can perceive certain transcending truths, which would remain hidden without the superior intervention, because of the incapacity of the human perception in some evolutionary phases. The initiative of the Revelations comes from Above, according to the human need. However, not all men are apt to receive and accept them immediately. Many are against them, because they do not understand them properly or because they are against their immediate interests. This occurred with the Jesus' Message, innovative and rectifying several assent things, brought by the Incomparable Master personally. With the New Revelation the same would occur. The oppositions are many, some product of spiritual ignorance, others resulting from offended interests and prejudices. However, what is not justified are the deviations of the spiritualist thought, its moral totally founded in the moral teachings of Christ. A permanent care is necessary, constant alertness so that the spiritualist principles are not defiled. This is a serious commitment of all sincere and worthy spiritist of the Doctrine he/she embraced. Supported by "strong and independent spirits", some creatures, from the two plans of life, fitted with excessive personalism, excel in establishing confusion in the Spiritualist Movement, with the denial of consecrated values, boasting themselves as judges of what is much beyond and above their understanding. They lack self-criticism, in spite of converting themselves in critics of Christ, of the Gospels, Instructing Spirits, mediums. Matters of secondary order are transformed by those critics in capital points, as if they were the reconstructors of the Doctrine. Here are some examples of the matters questioned, without any provenience, denoting ignorance and inconsequence, resulting from pride, vanity, and exaggerated personalism. "Kardec is obsolete"; "The Doctrine needs to be updated"; "The spirit moral is independent from the Christian moral"; debates and criticism of perfectly defined matters in the doctrinaire context; concerns with social and political aspects, without the necessary basis in the Doctrine; concerns with the creation of new terms, as if the use of adjectives itself could modify the substance of the things; confusion between responsible freedom, recognized by the Spirit Doctrine, with ample license to do and say what one wants. Those references, just for exemplification, give an idea the negative things that occur in the Spiritualist Movement, a consequence of the individualist attitude, in which humility, Christian and Spirit virtue which oppose pride and vanity are always missing. In living and spreading the Spiritualist Doctrine, what is required, above everything else, is the fidelity to its principles. Some of those spreaders forget that their freedom is naturally limited in the Doctrine itself, which cannot and must not be mutilated in its principles. Living and spreading the Doctrine of the Spirits requires, above everything else, their knowledge and fidelity to it. The spirit spreader cannot be, at the same time, critic or inconformist with the correct principles of the Doctrine. The Codification and the Gospels are assent values, interpreted by the Higher Spirituality to help men. We, spiritists of today and tomorrow, are their apprentices, in the demand of the right way referred to by Christ, and not by the reconstructors of that way. To understand the greatness and beauty of the Higher Spiritualist Revelations it is necessary to avoid prejudice, personalism, and precipitation, common human vices that hamper and prevent the knowledge of the truth.

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