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    (Published in the journal "The Medium" in 1998)

    Between speaking and acting it is unquestionable that there is a long distance. When we are younger and have spiritual longings, the lectures, the Christian conversations always touch deeper in hearts dipped of spiritualistic honesty.

    We looked for safe guidelines for us to walk, a lot of meetings remain indelible in our memory, in order to serve as direction and safe bases for further decisions.

    We heard many energetic pieces of advice as for the children's education. Nothing of condescension, because there the danger lived for a distorted formation showing itself in the future. Spoiled children and without limits close to becoming outcasts. Sure, we could not object, at that time, to such opportune warnings, even because the children are spiritual investments of the largest span.

    The time - that wise guide -, that teaches us today and always that we should not play of living, it ratified us that the theory is beautiful, but the practice is excessively grandiose.

    The time has assigned itself of expressing with trustworthiness the result of the incisive bygone days admonishments. Between speaking and acting, between proposing to the other ones, neglecting his/her own children, something lacked in the formation of many impulsive counselors children, even because a lot of times the descendants ends for mirroring the values contaminated by the contemporary fashion.

    From the tattoo fixed in the body, passing by the punk fashion hair, the "inoffensive" beers, radical sports to the extravagant clothes, even to the hurried marriages before "accidental" pregnancies are clear evidences that the yesterdays Christian Project fell in the shallow grave of the empty rhetoric.

    There are not few leaders of the past that systematically censured the social parties and those well-portioned that took vacation every year and had more than one brand new car, etc. In fact, those occasion critics were pilfering their frustrations, projecting in those bitter comments the support for their private "truths". Ironically, today they are not only immersed in the social parties as well as live in the luxury and abominate the Christian simplicity. They forgot old friendships, supposing that the social status will bring comfort in the time of pain, disease and death!!!

    In that context, far from placing ourselves as masters of the truth. We would incur in the same burden of the past. Much less have we predicted the misfortune of those friends of wise attitudes. Even because we are convinced that only the laws of God are unfailing and as such - to each one is given according to the works.

    Finally, we want to emphasize that to interpret Christ's teachings it takes much more than brilliant words. Many circumstances request that we lift the knees bleeding and support the lacerated hearts, to understand the perfidious human lapses. Before that, it is imperious that we continue believing in the good, strengthening the superior ideal, certain that when" we judge we will be judged and in the dimension with that we measure, we will be measured in equivalent proportions" - Jesus warned us two thousand years ago.

    Maria Eleusa de Castro Hessen

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