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    Reflections on the impact of thoughts in the therapy of cancer

    Alcíone Fagundes dos Santos -

    Faith does not change the laws of nature, does not make miracles, but can help the work of a very good medical team, making big difference in a hospital treatment

    It is common, after overcoming a cancer, that patients need emotional support for returning to their routine of life, because they are still need special care, physically and emotionally, knowing that each case involves specific aspects. Because steps are many and painful: diagnosis, examinations, research, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other medical procedures, the recovering person is fragile and requires careful monitoring.

    Winning a cancer and immediately return to an active life, although there isn’t the rule, does not mean that the disease cannot be won. According to reports of patients, suffering is not only from the disease itself, but also from treatments themselves, often marked by side effects. It is common to observe emotional wounds and changes in the style of living of patients and their family. To minimize a little the traumas left by the therapeutic process, emotional support relieves distress and fear of recurrence.

    Spiritists are aware that patients, when arrive at the hospital, brings with themselves, in addition to their disease, their history of past and current life. Their emotional state is the result of vectors and structure of personality, interpretation and experience of events, considering aspects of imaginary and real, and other variables of causes of disease.

    Science and technology increasingly allow early diagnosis and appropriate treatment of disease, monitoring its development and even obtaining success in many cases.

    Mind can influence the outcome of treatment

    However, even with such scientific advances, many diseases promote organic, emotional and social changes, that require constant care, and therefore adaptive processes. Remember, above all, "the valuable contribution of academic medicine, when is not accompanied by a good doctor-patient relationship, results incomplete to achieve the excruciating causes of disease and distress." (1)

    Currently, studies are made on optimism, spirituality, creativity, religious faith and especially, the complex universe of thought that have been associated with the welfare and quality of life of people with chronic diseases. Furthermore, research on human health that is analysing if mind, through a psychological or emotional state has the ability to cure disease.

    A study done by scientists of the University of Pennsylvania, in the United States, attempts to demonstrate that the fact that people with cancer are optimistic or pessimistic does not directly influence the chances of survival to the disease. For consistent reasons, we disagree with these arguments; since evidence suggests that in several cases of serious illnesses (such as advanced cancer), mind (the way of thinking) can influence the outcome of treatment, not disconsider the value of doctors, of course.

    Strictly speaking, faith (in the concept of common sense) does not change the laws of nature, does not make "miracles", but it may help, concurrently, the work of a good medical team, making large difference in hospital treatment.

    Facing disease many people transform pain into hope

    It is imperative and appropriate to consider, that stating that one has religious faith to "feel" powerful when facing disease does not solve the issue of pain, because the "titles of faith” are not mere words to cover our deficiencies and weaknesses. They express duties of improvement that we cannot escape without further obligations. In our circles of work, thus, it not enough simply believe and convince. " (2)

    There are specialists who support this argument, considering that the look optimistic about disease, and firm thought in healing are powerful mechanisms that can help patients cope better with the treatment of cancer and resume a normal life. As an example we have what happens to the Vice-President of Brazil - José Alencar. Currently, more and more people are surviving cancer and this survival, are related, without doubt, to emotions and thoughts, rich content of vibration between the patient and the Creator. Many patients, before the diagnosis of disease, transform pain into hope, and awaken in them the will to fight for a better life. Others, however, give up, assuming they are under a death sentence.

    Regarding the process of human thought, the academic science, which is materialist by excellence, purpose that the phenomenon is purely physiological, due to incessant activity neuronal. But the Spiritists know that the mental matter is the creation of energy that externalises from the spirit and spreads by a flow of particles and waves, as any other form of propagation of energy in the universe. As in physical field, thought, in vary degrees of excitement, generates waves of length and frequency correspondents to the content of the creator impulse of will or desired objective.

    The reflections of thoughts returns to ourselves

    Thinking is a process of projection of mental matter and this matter "is the subtle instrument of will, working in formation of physical matter, generating the motives of pleasure or grief, joy or pain, optimism or despair, which do not reduce, effectively, abstractions, because they represent eddies of force where soul creates its own states of inductive mind, drawing to itself the players [for now imponderables] of light or shadow, victory or defeat, happiness or misfortune. " (3) In this respect, thought is not intangible anymore to substantiate in the condition of matter in motion.

    The reflections of negative feelings and thoughts that we feed ourselves come back to us, after being transformed in mental waves, confusing our organics functions. So, thought, as a subtle form of energy, acting in a kind of wave, with a speed much higher than light, when passing by places and creatures, situations and things, affects integrally our health. "When we surrender ourselves to imbalance or disruption or when we establish perturbation against us (...), we reflect in the psychosomatics tissues certain fields of rupture in cells harmony, creating morbid predisposition for this or that disease, and therefore the entire area affected becomes susceptible to microbial invasion. " (4)

    By thoughts of fear, exacerbated anxiety, disappointment, we slave ourselves in trunks of painful punishment, sentencing us, sometimes, to years of pilgrimage in the tracks of spiritual uneasiness. And to shorten the torment that plagues us in many ways our conscience, it is essential the renewal of our mind, the only way of recovery of spiritual harmony and physical health.

    Never discouraged when facing challenges of any disease

    Given this, try adopting strict discipline of mental and moral habits, setting as goals putting our duties above worldly pleasures and keeping us calm with the unique opportunity of current physical experience, which help us with spiritual information. Seek, above all, healthy habits of prayer, meditation and work, trying to enrich us with hope and joy, so we will never discouraged when facing the challenges any disease. "We must watch and pray so we will not fall in temptations, because it is better cry on the prods the resistance than smile under drugs of fall." (5)

    For all ills, and any diseases, focus our thoughts on Jesus, because "our medicine is and will always be Jesus”. We should adjust ourselves to the Redeemer Gospel, because Christ is the goal of our renovation. "By regenerating our existence by His standards we restructure the intimate lives of those that are around us. The Gospel of the Lord explains that the pure and working thought is the force that excels us from the darkness to light, from hatred to love, from pain to joy. " (6)


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