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    Climate change and its consequences

    In the face of natural disasters that have struck our planet,remember that in Jesus' hands rests
    the fate of the Earth

    Marcelo Damasceno do Vale -

    Research indicates that "climate change has killed about 315 people a year, hunger, disease or natural disasters, and the number will raise to 500 thousand by 2030." (1) The study estimates that the climate problem affects 325 million people annually and that in two decades, which number will double, reaching the equivalent of 10% of the world today. To minimize the impact, "we should multiply by a hundred efforts to adapt to the change in climate in developing countries."(2) The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, its acronym in English) in its vast assessment of the issue, made in 2008, concluded that since temperatures began rising rapidly in 70 years, the greenhouse gases produced by man, had a weight 13 times more global warming than the variation of solar activity.

    Almost 25% of the world is threatened by flooding as a result of melting of the Arctic, according to a study published in August 2009, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). As the ice extent decreases, and the ocean surface increases, the amount of solar energy absorbed also increases. Recently, a glacier melted and Switzerland won 150 meters of land, originally Italian. The line, which determined the border, since 1942, moved. There was melting fields, permanently covered with snow in the Alps, as a result of global warming also can destroy 85% of the Amazon. Global warming releases large amounts of methane [greenhouse gas] in the polar region. Until now, these gases were "trapped in the ice." This effect contributes, in turn, to the acceleration of melting in the Polar Regions.

    Given this change, an ice bridge [one block the size of Jamaica], which connects two islands in Antarctica, broke up - they said. The break may indicate that the block Wilkins, (3) is known as the territory, float freely, which will be one of the effects of changes caused by global warming.

    The company must format new models of coexistence, backed brotherhood and love

    In fact, many of the ice decreased in recent years in Antarctica, and six of them have collapsed completely, the sample from the glaciers of Prince Gustav Channel, Larsen Inlet, Larsen A, Larsen B, Wordie, Muller and Jones. Analysis shows that when the blocks are broken, the glaciers and ice masses begin to move toward the ocean. In 1985, scientists identified a hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica, which continues to expand, frighteningly. The ozone depletion contributes to the "greenhouse phenomenon. The consequences of this syndrome are catastrophic, like global warming and climate change, precipitating the occurrence of hurricanes, severe storms and even earthquakes. The effects of El Nino and La Nina, too, are terrifying, because that accelerate the melting of polar ice caps, increasing consequently the sea level and flooding coastal areas. They include the records of shrinking glaciers in the Himalayas, the Andes, on Mount Kilimanjaro, and the only ski resort in Bolivia, Chacaltaya, ended his activity, the scarcity of snow in the region.

    It is urgent to create a critical mentality, which would establish new behaviors with a focus on sustainability of human life. The company must format new models of coexistence, backed brotherhood and love. The lack of awareness, of interdependence and complementarity between individuals, creates ever more intensely, the imbalance of nature.

    The scientist Stephen Hawking in his book "The Universe in a Nutshell", explains, in a curious way, that: "A butterfly flapping its wings in Tokyo can cause rain in Central Park in New York." (4) Hawking explains that "it is the beating of wings, simply to generate the rain, but the influence of this little movement on other events in other places it can lead ultimately to influence the climate." (5)

    In the United States, 55 million people think that lack little to end the world

    Because these throes of acute pain of nature, arise in various parts of the world, fanatical groups of people, creating sects and cults strangers, leave employment, family, waiting for the "doomsday". Only in France, according to the magazine ISTOÉ of 4 August 1999, nearly 200 of them, with 300 thousand followers. In Japan, many "gurus" predict the "end of the world." In the United States, 55 million Americans think that lack little for the world over. For them, the hurricanes that have destroyed the central region of the country are angels sent to punish men, announcing the "high end". (6) It is not comforting in any way, the appearance of people with these bizarre beliefs, which are proliferating around the world, obscured the reason for the expectation of a "new era". Unfortunately, even in spirit hosts, there have been some books with ideas that lead the unsuspecting to the hypnosis panic or catastrophic worst possible scenario ...!

    Today, according to the Law of Cause and Effect, we do not have the talent of prophecy to predict the future landscape of the land. Earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters are inevitable and will be part of the dynamics of nature. This does not mean we cannot do anything to make us less vulnerable. "Learning from the disasters of today to deal with future threats." (7) We are informed by the world famous Lyonnais, Allan Kardec, that the great phenomena of nature, those who are considered a disturbance of the elements, there are unforeseen circumstances, because "everything has a purpose and nothing happens without God's permission. (8) and the cataclysms "sometimes have a reason to be direct to the man. However, in most cases, aim to restore balance and harmony of the physical forces of nature." (9)

    The health concern is which results in uplifting achievements for the good of all

    Pessimists insist, always, in thinking that way, negative and dark, to see things in the world is a realistic way to live. In fact, if we look at life with a lot of emotion (far from thinking) will find plenty of reasons that we kill the animals, anywhere and in any situation, for example, we are faced daily with needy children; hunger universal wars, urban violence, kidnappings, famine, social insecurity, corruption, etc. catastrophic accidents. However, it is a duty towards our well-being, we adapted to life with all she has good and bad, without, necessarily, it stays stuck to the situations.

    Be concerned only and remain passive in the face of warning signs that nature gives us, is to model a chaotic future for generations to come. The health concern is which that results in gains uplifting for its own sake and for the good of all, fundamentally, for the next sister to come to reincarnate. This is a legitimate Christian. However difficult the challenges they are facing, due to the very human carelessness, spurred the desire to find harmony with Mother Nature. We must remember that Jesus is the Way that leads us to the enlightened concepts of Truth, where we received the glorious seed of wisdom, which dominate the centuries to come, preparing our earthly life to the heights of universal love in the deepest respect for nature.


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